Scotland and phase 1 of house renovation complete! and a wee surprise…

It’s been a long time since I last wrote which has actually been on purpose.  Since my previous post life has been interesting!  I found out to our utter joy and happiness that I am pregnant!  Yep, there is an actual little baby growing inside of me.  To say it has felt surreal does not do it justice.  It wasn’t until the scan a couple of weeks ago when I saw the bouncing wee bubba inside of me waving it’s arms and legs that it suddenly felt real. I don’t have many friends who have had babies so it is difficult to talk about how it has really felt.  Part of me in the early stages felt like it was all a big mistake and I was just putting on weight!  But when the reality started to hit I became incredibly excited.  But then comes the anxiety before the first scan as to whether you will a healthy little baby or not… anyway suffice it to say everything looked good and hubby and I could breathe a sigh of relief.

I’ve been quite lucky in regards to not having had morning sickness.  There has been the odd moment of nausea but that was as far as it went.  However the tiredness….oh my word the tiredness.  It’s the sort of fatigue you get right before you come down with the flue where you literally cannot keep your eyes open and your body is almost trembling it’s so exhausted.  Finally this lovely symptom is starting to ease off though and I’m beginning to feel a little bit more like myself.

Telling our family and friends was one of the best moments of my life.  Especially my husband’s family who literally wept tears of joy 🙂

I can’t really shake that feeling of ‘please god let everything be OK’ and I am still anxious that something might go wrong.  The internet is filled with horror stories and I know that miscarriage is so common, I know quite a few people myself who have endured such a horrible loss.  But I also don’t want to concentrate on that feeling, I want to enjoy this experience each day as it comes and I’ve stopped feeling so nervous about getting excited at the prospect of becoming a mum.  Whatever will be will be but I know that so far so good and at least the first trimester is over which is when there is the highest likelihood of something going wrong.

We had spent a week in our little slice of heaven in Scotland and although I did a lot of sleeping I think it did me the world of good being out of the dustbowl and right by the seaside…

View from the house… how lovely is our little summer house!


The sea… a 2 minute walk from the house, bliss


After coming back from Scotland we came home to fine that Phase 1 of the mammoth house renovation is done!!  It’s looking so good and it’s so nice to not be living in a dustbowl anymore.  Below are some pictures of the new bathroom…


First bath!!


We put a lot of thought in the bathroom as we had a blank canvas to work with and we both always dreamed of having a beautiful bathroom.  My pride and joy is the roll top bath we got from The Cast Iron Bath Company.  It took four men to lift it and even they could barely get it up the stairs!  So glad I wasn’t there that day…   I did search on ebay for a used bath which we could spruce up but some of them were really gross and were going for about £400!  So I decided to splurge as this will last us forever.  Choosing a colour was difficult but in the end we settled on Farrow and Ball Pigeon as we thought this was quite a serene colour and would fit in with the period style of the bath.

A lot of what you see in the bathroom is actually from ebay, we saved a lot of money that way.  The sink, taps, shower, toilet are all from there and I reckon we saved hundreds of pounds sourcing it that way.

There will be more photos of the house to follow but I want to wait until some of the new furniture has arrived so I can show it in full glory!

Phase 2 is currently being thought about and now with a baby on the way I’m more inclined to just get everything done as quickly as possible so that we have a finished house by the winter.  So we are meeting with a kitchen consultant next week (which I am so excited about!) and are in the process of getting quotes for a new skylight and extension doors.  I’m also desperate to get the downstairs loo done as it’s damp and smelly and just reminds me of how awful a state the house was when we moved in….

This bank holiday weekend we are due for some hot summer weather which I am so excited about… we have my sister and brother in law staying with us and today we’re heading for a lovely walk to Epping Forest followed by a movie night in (when you’re pregnant you apparently have very limited energy in a day so no going out for us!)  Then tomorrow it’s a summer roast chicken lunch in the garden with seasonal favourites jersey royals and asparagus to match! Mmmmm…

Do you have any nice bank holiday plans ahead of you?  I hope you have a lovely time whatever it is you end up doing 🙂


And the renovation begins…

The long awaited renovations have commenced… in the space of one week walls have been knocked down, walls have been built, fireplaces are being dug out and ceilings are being straightened out.  Our lovely new home which we moved into two weeks ago was not in the best state bless it.  It was clear it hadn’t had a lot of love in a very long time.  But there’s something quite comforting and nice about the idea of injecting lots of love and TLC into a beautiful house that is somewhat derelict…albeit expensive!

Some photos of the house so far…


Believe it or not the stairs look better like this than they did with the rancid carpet that was covering them when we moved in!



Plasterboards ready to be fixed to the wonky ceiling in the living room!


Bathroom wall (sort of) knocked down!  This will be the walk in wardrobe we can enter into through the bedroom.  The bathroom is being re-plumbed into one of the other bedrooms which is bigger than the little nook it currently occupies…


Possibly one of the most satisfying bits so far… these hideous wardrobes are now gone!!

I have been an avid Pinterest user for many years.  Whenever I had a stressful day I would lie back and start putting together my idea of our future dream home.  It always made me feel comforted and excited about what was yet to come.  However now that the time has come to ACTUALLY put ideas into action I’m a bit of a rambly, incoherent, indecisive mess!  My husband finds it bizarre how much of a struggle I am finding it to make all of these decisions.  And boy, there are a lot of decisions to make.. I don’t think I have ever in the entirety of my life had to make so many, even when we were planning our wedding!  It’s like I have been building towards this exciting time for so long that I don’t quite know what to do with myself now it’s here!  Every decision is so important and I like to put a lot of thought into each and every one.  However we have suddenly found ourselves having to make all of these big decisions quite quickly.  Literally every night this week hubby and I have been sat on our laptops from the moment we get home from work (absolutely knackered) until midnight trying to choose flooring, sinks, bath taps, sink taps, showers, cabinets, doors…. dear lord the list goes on!

Having said all of this, I could not have anticipated how happy and comfortable I would feel so soon in our new house.  I don’t even mind the fact I’m living on a demolition site!  I thought I would miss my old home, like a piece of me was missing (attachment issues?!) but I don’t.  Every time I come home from work and step inside our house I feel so proud and happy and I start to envision hopefully filling some of the rooms with children one day and…what I have always always yearned for…a pup!  In the next couple of months I am going make this happen.  Why not?  I’ve always wanted one and now is a good time having handed in my notice and taking a bit of a break.

So today I have the day off as I have to use up my annual leave before my last day.  Well I don’t have to but I would be a bit of a fool not to!  I’m going to head into Islington to pop into the Farrow and Ball shop to choose a paint colour for the bath.  Then onto the Cast Iron Bath Company to choose my long awaited roll top bath!!!  I will then pop into town to get an outfit for a wedding in a couple of weeks in bonny Scotland…brrrr.