Spring has sprung!


So what a beautiful few days it’s been…  it really does feel like spring has reared it’s beautiful little head and each day is getting a tad bit warmer.  The magnolia trees seem to be in their glory at the moment and each street I turn down there is another beauty awaiting for me to get a bit too snap happy.

On Friday I had my leaving do at work.  Usually I’m the sort of girl to cry at an Andrex advert, not to mention every single episode of Gogglebox to air (our favourite programme by the way!)  However on this occasion I didn’t shed a single tear, nor did I feel close.  I’ve been there for 6 years and made some incredible friends.  The work I’ve done has been exhausting, stimulating, inspiring and at times incredibly anxiety provoking!  However I just felt a bit numb which I’m wondering is down to sheer exhaustion.  Also perhaps a sign that I am ready for a new chapter, whatever that might be.

New chapters… life is pretty structured and regimented I find.  There is a level of guilt if one chooses to back out of a career they’ve spent years carving even if it makes them miserable and is detrimental to their health.  There is that sense of ‘I must persevere because what might people think if I quit?’  I’ve been that person and I know countless others who also feel the same.  There’s the natural fear of what will I do next?  How will I stay accustomed to the way of life I’ve become so used to?  Yet sometimes the stress and unhappiness that accompanies a person is just not worth sticking with something just for the sake of sticking with it.  Perhaps Friday marked that day for me and I felt nothing but open hope walking away from a job that has provided me with good humour and friendship but overriding anxiety and the sort of stress that makes me unable to switch off on weekends.

Saturday I simply sat in my PJs and ordered pizza whilst catching up on Netflix…bliss!  Oh and I was also in need of a serious detox so drank lots of this…


Mothering Sunday was another beautiful day.  Hubby spent hours sorting out the clutter in the house and I went out to get flowers for my mum from our local florist.


We had a lovely meal with my parents in Belsize Park in the evening.  I started to talk to her about all of the things I want to do on my time off and we both agreed to do some of them together so that we could spent some quality mother daughter time!  One of the ideas was to go to an antiques fair and I personally want to go to every museum I can.  This is something I never would have felt like doing when I was highly strung and stressed with work so I’m going to make the most of my newfound freedom and broaden my cultural horizons!

Monday definitely felt strange, just not having that structure and routine I’ve been so used to for over a decade.  I had lots of tasks I needed to do which I did before midday…!  Leading such a hectic work life meant that I have become accustomed to doing things like Speedy Gonzales… however time to slow down!  I have realised I will need to actively work at walking slower, taking more time to notice beautiful things around me… and I can’t wait!

Yesterday afternoon the sun was shining on my garden so I took my new recipe book outside (I definitely have a recipe book addiction!) and started reading through it.  I cannot wait to start cooking some of the beautiful dal dishes it speaks about from all regions of India.  Such a beautiful book and I would encourage anyone who enjoys dal to buy it.


Today if I’m being honest I feel a little lacklustre.  I don’t have any urgent tasks and I’m a little under the weather so I’ve been resting up and ordering in the weekly food shop.  However…around me the house is a bit hectic.  The new sash windows and front door arrived today and I cannot wait to see them when the are installed!   The house is definitely coming along.  The bathroom is being tiled in the small hexagonal white we spent ages choosing.  The bedroom walls are being painted (we went for Valspar Quiet Interlude for the back wall) and our walk in wardrobe is now plastered and painted ready for rails and shelves to be installed!

Everything still looks so dusty and in disrepair that it’s hard to imagine all of it actually getting done and looking how we want!  It’s getting there though and I just cannot wait to be able to walk through the house without saturating my feet in dust!

Does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy a nice sofa from?  We need to prioritise this but are struggling to find something that will fit perfectly in the space….

Happy week to you all!! xoxo