Fifty shades of grey….

Happy Monday everyone…  having spent a beautiful weekend up in Scotland with the family we’re now back and it’s crunch time.  We now have to decide which colour to paint the walls in the living room, hallway and bedroom.  It just seems like such a big decision and call me naive (I know I am!) but I just had no idea there were quite so many different shades of white and grey.  Standing in B&Q looking at the beautiful Valspar colours I realised that this would be much more difficult than I had anticipated!


For the living room, hubby and I have spoken about having a darker shade either side of the fireplace and then a very light grey/warm white on the other walls.  We seem to have collected about 20 different shades of grey and white not to mention the huge pile of colour cards and I love them all!

We went a bit made in Farrow and Ball the other day and spent a fortune on tester pots but these are only for the feature walls in the living room, we didn’t even think about all of the other walls in the rest of the house…oops.


Choosing the right colour is so vital to creating the right look and feel of the room and for me one of the most important parts of a living room and bedroom is comfort.  I want it to be fresh but warm, cosy (sense of hygge) but airy at the same time…!  Making a mistake is costly not to mention incredibly time consuming so it’s vital that we put a lot of thought and consideration into it.  However we are also being somewhat rushed by the painters who “need to know asap” apparently…  It also doesn’t help that none of the flooring is down (we haven’t even chosen the bedroom flooring yet) so it is hard to imagine what the different shades in a room will look like collectively at this stage.


Have you used a white or grey that you particularly like?  Suggestions more than welcome…. !

Enjoy your week everyone 🙂